This Is How You Can Upload Videos on Dailymotion

This Is How You Can Upload Videos on Dailymotion

Dailymotion is a video sharing platform like YouTube, it’s not that popular, but you can watch HD and long-length videos and movies in Dailymotion. If you are a content creator, you can publish videos in Dailymotion and monetize too. This is not the highest paying platform for video creators but still worth it.

In a country like India, if you want to be a YouTuber, there is a lot of competition. And the main thing is to monetize video when you need to have certain conditions fulfilled,1000 hours watch hours. It takes a lot of time to complete that task. You might not get that many views initially, which may demotivate you to create more videos. I mean, without any profit, who wants to invest a lot of time.
So, in that case, you can try Dailymotion. It’s one of the best alternatives to youtube. You can Monetize your videos easily on Dailymotion; there is no condition requires to monetize the video. Just like youtube, you can embed your Dailymotion videos on any website too.

Now the thing is how you can publish a video first. If you visit the homepage of Dailymotion, there is an option to sign in and sign up. If you sign up Still, you won’t be able to upload any video and publish it. Because you need another Step and after that only, Your uploaded video will be visible to everyone. Anyways I will be guiding you on how you can upload videos and publish them publicly on Dailymotion.

Now follow the steps from the starting :

First, go to the Dailymotion Official page and click on the signup button to create an Account.



You can manually sign up by giving your Email id and password, or you can sign up using Gmail or Facebook account directly. I Recommend you sign up using your Email address. After putting in information, please read the Terms and conditions and checkmark on it; then hit on sign up.

Then it will send you a verification code to your provided email address; go to your Email address and find it in the inbox; if it is not there, wait few minutes. Or check in your Spam Folder. There will be a direct verification link to verify and also a code directly. You can copy the code and paste it here to verify your account in dailymoti0n.


After sign up, You should get the success message. Otherwise, your signup is incomplete.

Now we have created an account on Dailymotion, and It’s time to create a channel in it and publish videos so that other viewers can also see. We can not directly upload to, and we need first to upgrade our regular account into publishers account. After that, only we can publish videos in Dailymotion. It’s a straightforward and simple process, though. Just follow the steps :

So first, Go to the Official link to signup for publishers in Dailymotion.

After that, sign in with your Dailymotion account that you previously created.


After that, you will be asked to upgrade to partners, so click on that and proceed.

And after that, you need to check their terms and condition before agreeing and after that, click on accept terms. 


And here we go. After accepting the terms now, you will be able to create a Public Channel on Dailymotion where you can upload videos as many as you want, and you can Monsters them later.

So here you can customise your Dailymotion channel.

You have to provide a channel name so that people can search your channel on Dailymotion, and after that, you want to provide a tagline that fits your channel. After that, you have to give it a description that means what your channel is about what type of video you want to share on this Dailymotion channel so keep it simple.

And after putting all the information, you can also change the language for your country. You can even put your social media links like Facebook or Twitter page. Anything you want to link with your Dailymotion channel, you can provide that.



So after Creating your channel in Dailymotion now, you will be able to upload any video in Dailymotion, but before that, please read the privacy and policy of this video sharing platform. You must need to comply with their privacy policy to upload a video on their site. So you must read that before publishing any video in Dailymotion.

I hope you like this article, and if possible, please share it with your friends you have any doubts regarding Dailymotion then. Please feel free to comment down below. I will try to respond to you as soon as possible.

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