How To Stop Auto Updates Of Android Apps?

How To Stop Auto Updates Of Android Apps

Hello everyone today I will guide you on how you can disable auto apps update on your Android device.

everyone is using a smartphone a different kind of purposes because nowadays smartphone is not only for communication but also for work, entertainment and many other things. There are many types of operating systems for smartphones that are provided by different phone companies but Android is one of the most extremely popular operating systems that is used by millions of peoples around the world.

Because of the popularity, the demand for Android is increasing day by day and that’s why Android developers making a lot of different and unique applications for Android devices .you will find thousands of  Android apps are being uploaded to Google Play Store.

Once you download any kind of app from Google Play Store for Android phone you may need to update that app in future. Because Android app developers are constantly trying to improve their updates and they constantly provide updates in Google Play Store. When you sign in to Google Play Store by default the auto-updates are enabled for any apps you download.

That means if you install any app from Play Store it will be updated automatically without asking you for permission in future Because by default the auto-updates enabled.

You may have downloaded hundreds of apps for your Android phone and you must have noticed that when you connect your Wi-Fi with your Android phone a notification comes of saying updating some kind of apps that you have installed.

So if if you have a limited internet plan then you should not enable the auto-update features in Play Store it may drain your data. I suggest you to update any App manually and disable the Auto-update Feature play store.

So here is how you can stop auto-updates of Apps on your Android phone :

First open your Play Store and click on your profile picture which is located on the top right side.

After clicking on the icon you will see a menu, now you will see a settings option below just tap on that.

After selecting settings now you will get a lot of different options. You have to select the general option from the top.


And after selecting the general option it will expand some other menus now you can see an auto-update apps option .just tap on that

And that’s it now you will be able to choose to stop auto-update apps. Now click on don’t auto-update apps and you are good to go. And from now no apps will be e updated automatically when you connect your internet

So in this article, I hope you have learnt how you can stop the auto-update app feature so that you can save some internet data on your phone. I hope you like this article and don’t forget to share with your friends and if you have any question please comment down below without any hesitation.

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