How To Remove Gmail Account From Android Phone

Remove Gmail From Phone

In this post, I will guide you on how you can remove your Google account or Gmail account from your Android device very easy step by step with pictures.

Nowadays billions of people using the internet on their computers tablets and phones. People use Gmail as their primary email address on the internet for different kinds of online services or different purposes like signing up with any website or sign up with any kind of app on their phone.

Now as you know the popularity of the Android operating system is increasing extremely day by day. There are new kinds of Android phones are being introduced in the market due to their popularity.

It’s very general that we use a particular phone for some period of time and We gets new one when you see a new type of phones with new features being introduced in the market. So if you want to sell your Android device to any person or any website or a reseller then you must need to remove your Gmail account from your phone because of the security.
Those who are using Android phones for a long period of time knows how to remove a Google account from the phone about those who are new to the Android phone don’t know how to to do it.
 anyways this particular article I will guide you on how you can easily remove a Google account or Gmail account from your Android smartphone, just follow the steps given below.
1.First Find the Gmail App on your phone and tap on that to open Gmail.

Find Gmail App in your Android Phone



2. Now tap on your Gmail profile icon, Which is located on the top right side.

Now Click on your Gmail Profile icon


3.After that, You will see at the bottom, there will be an option to manage accounts on the device. Tap on that.


4.After that you can see your connected accounts on your android phones. We need to tap on the google account because we are going to remove the Gmail address from our android phone.



 5.After that select the Gmail account you want to remove, then you will see below there will be an option for more. tap on that.


6.After tapping on the More button, you can see there is an option to remove the account. tap on that and your Gmail account will be removed. That’s it.


I hope this article is helpful for those who want to remove any Gmail account from their Android phones. if you like this article please share with your friends and let them know how they can also remove it. 

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