How To Add A Sitemap In Google Search Console In 2021

How To Add A Sitemap In Google Search Console

Today I will guide you on how you can easily add a sitemap in the google search console. A sitemap contains all the URL Links of your website. If you add this sitemap to the Google search console, it will be very easy for Google bots to assess your website link, and they crawl your pages, and after that, it will be showing in the search results.

Remember, a sitemap does not rank your website post or pages in search results. It just makes it easier to find the new content of your website for google bots. Even if you don’t add any site map, Google can still see your website URL, but it may take a much longer time than if you add a sitemap in the Google search console.

Add a Sitemap In Google Search Console

On this website, I am using the Rankmath SEO plugin, and It has a lot of different features that can help you improve your website ranking. It is also is the sitemap generator. Whenever you post an article, it automatically includes that URL in your sitemap.

You can use other plugins to generate a sitemap for your WordPress website. There are a lot of plugins that available for free in the plugin store of WordPress.

So anyway, for the demo purpose, I will be showing you how you can add a sitemap in the Google search console. In my case, or if you are using the rank math plugin, too, then follow the steps given below.

Go to the dashboard and click on the setting options in the sitemap, just like shown below in the screenshot.


After that, you can see the URL link of your site map. You can include posts, pages, categories in your site mess, so it depends on what you want to have.


Click on the site map URL link to check if it’s working or not. As you can see below in the screenshot, this is the sitemap URL of my website, and you can also see the site maps of my post pages and categories. We do not need to copy all of this link. We need to copy the main sitemap index URL, and we have to put that in our search console. So copy the sitemap index of your website.

The next thing would be to add that sleep mess in the search console, so log in to your Google search console account. Make sure you have added and verified your website with a search console. Now select your website domain in the search console, and you will see a sitemaps option in the dashboard where you can add a sitemap for your website. So click on that.



After clicking on the site maps option, you can see a box saying add a new sitemap. Just copy and paste the sitemap from your website and click on submit. You do not need to copy the entire URL along with your website or domain. You have to put the sitemap index just like shown in the below image.



After submitting your sitemap, you will see a successful message saying sitemap submitted successfully. Now click on got it and wait for some second so that the Google search console can access all the links from your sitemap.


You can see your site map in the submitted sitemap sections; you can see that there are no discovered URLs yet in the below screenshot. Do not worry about it because it takes some time to process your URL, so let the Google search console take time.

Software sometimes, when you click on the submitted sitemap index, you can see your sab sitemap in your main index like categories age post everything included here. Also, you can visit other discovered URLs. You can also check the last read. It means when Google bot crawled your website sitemap.


This article covered how to add a sitemap of our website or blog in the Google search console. If you find this article helpful, please share it with your friends. Let them be aware of this if they are new or beginners in making a website with WordPress.

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