How To Add a Favicon (Site Icon ) In Neve WordPress Theme

How To Add a Favicon (Site Icon ) In Neve Wordpress Theme

If you are using Neve theme in your WordPress theme for the first time then it is not very easy to locate where to upload your Favicon (Site icon). So Today I will be Guiding you with step by step process.

Follow the steps :

First, go to the WordPress dashboard, and then scroll down below you will see appearance. Click on that and select on Customize option.

After Clicking on Customize option you will see the header option. Click on that.


After clicking on the header, There will be an option to change the logo. Click on that.

Now Scroll Down below to select the site icon. If you have not uploaded to your media library, Upload it first or you can directly upload your site icon from here.

After uploading the site icon just hit on publish button that’s it. Now your website has a Site icon. Congratulations.

Here is how your website site icon looks like in your browser.

website site icon favicon On neve theme


If you do not have a Site icon, Then here is how you can Generate one for free :

  1. Go to the favicon Generator Website. 
  2. Now Upload your logo.
  3. It will automatically Generate a Favicon for you.
  4. Now Download it.
  5. After downloading upload it to your media library.
  6. Now You can use it as your site icon.

I hope this article definitely helped you to add a Site Icon in your WordPress theme. If you have any questions Related to this theme please comment down below. Do not forget to share this with your friends who are using Neve them in their WordPress blog.

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