Forward Android Audio To Pc Via Bluetooth (Windows 10 )

Forward Android Audio To Pc Via Bluetooth

So if you have a computer with Windows 10 operating system, you should know this trick you can actually play your Android phone audio on your computer. If your computer is connected to a speaker or your computer is actually a laptop, what I am trying to say is you can play android phones audio on your computer.

So in this article, I will tell you how we can forward our Android phones audio to our computer system with the help of Bluetooth; it’s wireless. I mean, you don’t need any wired connection like a USB cable to do that. 
If you are a mobile gamer or Game Streamer in live streaming sites like YouTube or Twitch, I am 90% sure you are using your pc for to stream your Android screen to the world. You must be forwarding your android screen video to your pc, And after that, you can stream that video via pc to the internet. I mean professional life streamers do that to achieve video quality.
So similarly just like you forward your Android live screen video to your PC  you can also forward your Android phone’s audio to your PC. So the best thing is you don’t need any kind of cable to forward your Android phones audio.
So as I said earlier that this article is only for Windows 10 operating systems and the second thing is you just need a Bluetooth adaptor on your computer means we have to connect your Android phone with your PC first.
If you have a laptop you don’t need to worry about Bluetooth because by default almost all laptop has Bluetooth connectivity. But in case if you have a customised computer system then and you should probably purchase a Bluetooth adaptor .it’s very cheap to you can buy it online from Amazon or Flipkart or any local computer hardware store. It is very cheap.
So here is how we can forward our Androids audio via Bluetooth to PC just follow the steps below
First thing first, we need to e pair our Android device with our computer system with Bluetooth, Just follow the steps :
Click on the Windows icon Below the left side of your windows screen, and then click on settings.
After that search Bluetooth in the search box. And click on the Bluetooth and other devices settings
After that just enable Bluetooth first, Then Click on add Bluetooth devices. It will search for Bluetooth devices nearby. Make sure you have enabled Bluetooth on your android phone first.
After finding your phone, Just click on that and it will ask you to pair it. You have to click on yes in your windows pop up and pair on your android phone, It should be showing the same Pin number in your both device pc and android device.
After pairing your both devices via Bluetooth, Now we need an Application that will help you to forward Android audio to Pc.
Just search Microsoft store in the search box of your windows, Or just click on the Windows icon and find it on the app list.
After opening the Microsoft store, Just search for BLUETOOTH AUDIO RECEIVER, And install it. It looks like the screenshot given below.
After successful download. Just lunch the application on your windows. Now it will show you your paired Bluetooth device. Just click on it, And it should be staying connected. That’s it.
Now play any music on your android phone, You can hear it on your computer. Just check your default playback device.
So, In this article, I have covered how you can play or forward your android audio to pc with the help of Bluetooth. I hope it’s helpful for you. Do not forget to share this awesome tutorial with your friends. Let them also aware of this.  If you have any question related to this post do not hesitate to comment down below.

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