Enable and disable Developer Options On Android Phone

Enable and disable Developer Options On Android Phone

This article will guide you How you can Enable And Disable Developers Options in your Android Devices step by step and With Screenshot Pictures.

Developer options allow you to enable the USB debugging; if you are an Android App Developer, you must know about it. You can test or Run your android Apps by using these features. There are different tools in developer options like memory monitor, Bug Reports, stay awake, Demo mode; you can also show your taps on your screen and many more.

So Anyways, You need to do some following steps given below to Enable Developers options. Almost all Phone brands have the same way.

For the shake of the Demo, I will be showing you the screenshots of the Remi Note 4 Device (Xiaomi Phone ).

Enable Developer Options

Fist go to settings on your android phone, Then Click on about. It is located on the top section of your Xiaomi devices, It may be located below on other devices, So just scroll down below and click on that.

After that click on the software version 7 -9 Times. It depends on phone brands. In my case, I have to tap on the MIUI version. If you have a Samsung phone Tap on  Build number , Or OS version 7 times.


Tap until it says “You are now a developer “. This means you have successfully enabled developer options on your android phone and you are ready to go.


Now the next thing would be to check it. Just go to your android settings again and find additional settings.


After that scroll down below and search for the developer’s option. As you can see in the below screenshot.


After clicking on the Developer options, You can now enable it. See the screenshot below.


If you want to experiment with your apps on your android phone, You need to enable USB debugging. Just Scroll down below and there you have it.


How to Disable /Hide Developers Option Again?

If you want to hide or disable your developer’s options again we need to clear the data of our settings, To do that follow the steps given below with pictures :

First Go to the settings of your android phone, and find manage Apps and click on that.


After that tap on the search box on the top of your screen, Type “settings” and it will show you the result of a setting. Just click on that.


Now you will see the details of your settings app, It’s a System app. Now we are going to clear the data. Click on the Clear data option, Located below.



After that, you will find the option “Clear All Data “, tap on that and wait for a second and that’s it. The developer options are now hidden again 🙂

So in this article, I have covered, How you can enable and hide developer options on your android phone.  If you found this article helpful, Then do not hesitate to share it with your friends. Let them have some idea about it.

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