Change and Rename The Extension Of Any File In Windows 10

Change and Rename The Extension Of Any File In Windows 10

Millions of people those using windows Operating system on their computer. But there are some small technical things people are not aware of.

This article will guide you on how you can change the extension name of any file easily. By default, You can change rename the file. But you can not change the Extension of the file. It is hidden.

Let’s say someone provides you with a file with an unknown extension, and then your pc can runs the file because, without the extension, your pc won’t be able to understand what type of file it is. So it would be best if you changed the extension in that case.

In pc, every file has extensions.

For example, Youdk.jpg is an Image file where “Jpg” is the extension, and It tells you that the file is an image. 

By default, you can change or Rename the File. You to any other name, You cant change the. Jpg to another File format like. PNG.

So here is how simple way to change and rename the extension:

Change Extension

By default, you won’t see the extension; you can only change the file name.


But if you right-click on the file and click on this image file’s properties, you can see its Extension.

For example, I have shown you that my file is an image file and a PNG file. Now I want to change its extension, so what I have to do is :

Click on the View tab from your file manager, Which is located on the tab. After Clicking on that, you will see a FILENAME EXTENSIONS Option on the right side; by default, it’s unchecked. If you click on it and do a checkmark, you will see all the extension on every file, and you can rename it also.


After Checking on the File name extension, right-click on any file and click on the Rename button. Now you can Rename the Filename as well as the Extension. You can see this from the below image. That’s it.

Change File Extension

Change File Extension


So, friends, This is how you can change any file extension in your windows 10 Operating system. I think this article is helpful for new windows users. If you found it helpful, do not hesitate to share it with your friends and keep visiting our site for more tutorials easily.

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